Jacob Arden McClure

Los Angeles, California.
America, b. 1980-

Jacob Arden McClure is a contemporary American artist and Filmmaker, who's works include video art, sculpture, installation, paintings and design. Though frequently altering his materials and format, the artist's style remains distinctly recognizable. McClure's works offer conceptual explorations of relationships, society, and the hierarchy thereof. 
Frequent use of symbols, such as the triangle, denotes man's triangular relationship and struggle with good and evil. McClure's surreal cast of characters and subjects are always either victims, helpers or enemies, and the differentiation of who's who seems to be at the heart of the matter.

McClure's personal work has been shown in galleries and museums around the world, and has been published both here and abroad. He's best known for his engaging multimedia installations that highlight his ability to work cohesively with a variety of mediums. McClure's signature aesthetic usually includes sharp lines, contrasting colors, dark and moody films, palpable surfaces, a definite element of classical beauty and challenging, often provocative subject matter.  His design style is always a delicately orchestrated balance of classic and modern, new and old, beautiful and ugly, reassuring and tense, sexy and taboo.
Creating a sense of nostalgia, and the contrast of old and new, are also important elements in McClure's creative process. Paying homage to history, the artist recreates relics of the past using new materials. Handmade, electrified classic American street signs are mixed with McClure's "Packing Esthetic" giving normal packaging materials a higher purpose. Using Plywood creates, visqueen, rope, he creates the visual idea of freshly found relics from the past that have just been opened. McClure's sculptures and films evoke memories of childhood and reflection upon better times. Through a process of hand-aging, his sculptures, false patinas represent a visual narrative of the passage of time, and stand like totems warning us of our impending modernity.
By integrating mediums and pushing the boundaries of film-as-art, Jacob Arden McClure is an artist examining the best and worst of scenarios, documenting his personal exploration, and challenging viewers to trust in beauty, and question everything else.

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